1 year Video Consultation


1 year of video consultation included *

*health insurances contracted May 1 - July 1, 2020

With this complement you will have access to the video consultation service in most medical specialties, personalized health programs and 24-hour emergencies (without appointment).

Coverages included:

  • Video consultation with specialists. More than 2.400 doctors of most medical specialties, such as general medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology etc. at your disposition.

  • 24h emergency by video consultation. General, pediatric and dental. Access without appointment.

  • Health programs by video consultation in order to take care of your health in the most comfortable and easy way. Includes: Digital Nutrition Program, Psychology Program, Digital Personal Trainer Program, Maternal and Child Program, Healthy Child Program, Pelvic Floor Care Program, Smoking Cessation Program.

* For all policyholders of new product policies (Más Salud, Más Salud Familias, Profesionales, Más 90,000, Premium 500,000, Básico, Primero, Más Vital, International Residents, International Students, Real Madrid, Empresas, Inicia and Pymes Digital) contracted in the period between May 1 and July 1, 2020, they will have a free extension of their insured coverage consisting of the above described video consultation service. Said video consultation service will be provided in the terms established in the general conditions of the policy and will be in force exclusively during the first year of the policy. For the second or successive annuities of the policy, if the policy holder is interested in continuing to enjoy the video consultation services, he may contract any of the digital supplements that Sanitas markets for this purpose.