iPlus Family Assistance

Funeral Insurance – Sanitas iPlus Family Assistance for Expats in Spain

The most complete funeral plan, best suited to your family and to your budget, guaranteed by the experience of a specialist company: Santalucía.

What is covered?

  • Funeral services (burial or cremation) in the manner of the customs and traditions of the locality

  • Legal assistance in the event of death or invalidity

  • Day care for children under 7 years

  • Psychological care

  • National and international transfer: necessary arrangements and expenses (in the event of death) to transfer the body and a companion from anywhere in the world

Optional coverages

Comprehensive legal protection:

  • Legal assistance within your insurance that allows you to have a solicitor to resolve any legal issues such as traffic fines, problems with lease agreements etc. It also covers all possible extrajudicial and judicial expenses

Travel Assistance:

  • Expenses for hospitalisation or urgent treatment due to illness or accident

  • Expenses for companions

  • Administrative matters

  • Expenses related to incidents with lost luggage and transport

Coverages that evolve according to age:

0 to 16 years: Peque Asistencia.

  • Birth certificate: contribution of an initial amount of € 300 for insured persons under 6 months (grace period of 10 months)

  • Healthcare: Assurance of care for the little ones guaranteeing the wellbeing of the little ones

17 to 64 years: Accidents

  • Financial compensation of 12,000€ in the event of death due to accident

  • Financial compensation of 24,000€ in the event of death in a traffic accident

  • Financial compensation in the event of invalidity due to accident

+ 65 years: Senior Assistance

  • Comprehensive geriatric evaluation

  • Housing inspection service

  • Tele-assistance