Sanitas International Residents

Health Insurance Sanitas International Residents in Spain

From 74,40€ per month, per person.

Sanitas International Residents is a policy specially designed for foreigners to obtain the Spanish Residency / Visa. You will have full cover within the extensive Sanitas medical network and reimbursement (80% or 90%) in Spain and all over the world, so you have the choice of doctors worldwide. With this policy you can stay up to 6 consecutive months outside Spain.

What is covered?

  • Primary care – general medicine, paediatrics, emergency services . . .

  • Direct access to all specialisms – gynaecology, traumatology . . .

  • Diagnostic tests – blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans . . .

  • Therapeutic methods – rehabilitation sessions . . . 

  • Surgery – weather or not a hospital stay is required

  • Hospitalisation

  • Emergency in foreign countries (up to 12.000€)

  • Dental cover – check-ups, cleaning, extractions, x-rays

  • Second medical opinion

  • Sanitas 24 hours telephone service for emergencies

  • Sanitas Welcome: English speaking helpline

Special coverage within this SANITAS INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS:

  • Reimbursement of 80% (with a limit of 150,000€ per year) or 90% (with a limit of 300,000€ per year) of medical treatments so you have the choice of any doctor or clinic worldwide

  • Repatriation (transfer to the country of origin of the insured and of a companion in case of death of the insured)

  • Coverage of services abroad up to a maximum of 6 months

  • Documentation in English or German