Sanitas bluaU

Health Insurance Sanitas Blua in Spain

From 83,90€ pp/month

Sanitas bluaU is our most digital product, you can access the entire Sanitas medical network free of charge and any center or doctor you choose in Spain or the rest of the world, and receive 80% reimbursement. In addition, you can easily connect with your doctors via video consultation and enjoy exclusive home services. All this, without having to pay any kind of co-payment.

Highlights of SANITAS bluaU:

  • Video-consultation

  • Blood analysis at home

  • Vital signs measurement

  • Health monitoring

  • Preventive digital programs 

  • Pharmacy (reimbursement of 50% up to 200€ of medication)

  • Digital programs such as personal trainer, nutrition etc.

  • 80% reimbursement (with a limit of 150.000€ per year) of medical treatments, so you have the choice of any doctor or clinic worldwide

What is covered?

  • Primary care – general medicine, paediatrics, emergency services . . .

  • Direct access to all specialisms – gynaecology, traumatology . . .

  • Diagnostic tests – blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans . . .

  • Therapeutic methods – rehabilitation sessions . . . 

  • Surgery – weather or not a hospital stay is required

  • Hospitalisation

  • Emergency in foreign countries (up to 12.000€)

  • Dental cover – check-ups, cleaning, extractions, x-rays

  • Second medical opinion

  • 24-hour emergency video consultation for GP and pediatric care without prior appointment

  • Sanitas Welcome: English speaking helpline