Sanitas Estepona is an official Sanitas office – Health Insurance in Spain

Health Insurance Experts

Sanitas Estepona is an official Sanitas office.
What does that mean? It means, that we are NOT an insurance broker who sells and then disappears. You will get an integrated service. We accompany you throughout your life. 

We offer:
Personalized assistance
Assistance in Spanish, English, Swedish, German, French and Dutch
More than 20 years' experience

Inger Bergman Lindvall

Languages: Spanish, English, Swedish

Maria del Carmen Fernandez-Medel, Sanitas Estepona

Maria del Carmen Fernandez-Medel

Languages: Spanish, English

Thekla Kurpjuweit

Languages: Spanish, Dutch, English, German & French

Elsa Lindvall – Sanitas Estepona

Elsa Lindvall

Languages: Spanish, English, Swedish

Inger & her team are your guides through the Spanish healthcare system.

Your well-being is our main concern.


Visit our office:
Avenida Puerta del Mar, 46 in Estepona

Monday – Thursday: 9.00 - 16.30 hours

Friday: 9.00 - 15.00 hours

Tel: +34 951 31 66 10