Talk to your doctor by video consultation 

Video consultation – Sanitas

What is a video consultation

Video consultation is a Sanitas service that allows you to talk to a doctor wherever you are. You only need internet access on your mobile, tablet or PC to communicate.


Video Consultation – Sanitas

Types of video consultation

  • Video consultation with medical professionals: Access to the video consultation service, connecting with doctors of most specialties in a comfortable and simple way, without the need for travel.

  • Video consultation of emergencies: 24 hours emergencies with General Practioner and pediatric care. Without appointment.

Advantages of video consultation

  • The professionals who attend by video consultation are the same as those who work in Sanitas centers.

  • Time saving on trips.

  • Prescription of medical tests or prescriptions directly during the video consultation.

  • Share results of medical tests during the video consultation.

  • Choose the doctor you want to connect with.

  • Personalized prevention and health care programs by the best professional advisers

Video consultation – Sanitas

When to make a video consultation?

  • Review of results: After a first face-to-face consultation, review the test results with your doctor.

  • Medication: Do you have questions about a medication?

  • Medical doubts: Are you in pain and don't know which doctor to go to? Do you need analytics?

  • Medical emergencies without travel.

  • Treatments: You can follow your evolution by video consultation.

  • Recommended doctors: Contact a doctor by video consultation, even outside your province.

  • Health programs: start your Nutrition Program, Personal Trainer, Pregnancy, Psychology now. etc.