MI SANITAS administrative procedures

3 April 2023

How to solve yourself administrative procedures

MI SANITAS is the virtual client area for each registered member.  It answers many questions and provides necessary information and documents. 

In this blog we will explain step-by-step where to find the following administrative procedures:

  • Authorization for medical procedures 
  • Reimbursement requests 
  • Request a new membership card
  • Change your bank details
  • Management of permissions 

First of all, pease log in. If you are not yet registered in MI SANITAS, please click here in order to do so. 

Depending if you log in via the app on your phone or on your computer, you will see the main menu differently but with the same items. 

In the app, you have to click on the botton below right on MORE in order to access the main menu.

Authorization for medical procedures 

Reimbursement requests 

Request a new membership card

  • Where: administrative procedure => policy => contract & documentation => request card (=last box) => select person => request card
  • What: if the physical membership card got lost, you can request a new one to be sent to your address. Please make sure that your address details are updated.

Change your bank details

  • Where: administrative procedure => policy & documentation => My policies and documentation => payment details
  • What: change your bank account details

Management of permissions 

  • Where: administrative procedure => management of permissions
  • What: see if you have permission to access information of another beneficiary of the policy and / or authorize another person to access details (if you are the policy holder). For instance, handle reimbursement requests for your kids or partner, etc.

MI SANITAS offers as well all the necessary information concerning your policy (click here to find out more) and important documentation to download (click here). 

Thanks for letting us know if this article was useful. 

Best regards, 
Your Sanitas Estepona Team