How do I ask for authorisation?

10 July 2022

How do I ask for authorisation?

If you attend a doctor and they prescribe a service (tests, physiotherapy, operations, etc.), some of them need Sanitas’ previous approval. 

You have several options to get this authorisation: 

a) Call client service and do it all via telephone (+34 91 752 28 52 or +34 93 362 34 49)

b) Come with the necessary documents to our office

c) Handle it yourself via the app MI SANITAS

We will explain how to ask for authorisation using the app MI SANITAS. It's very quick and easy. 

First of all, you need to be registered in MI SANITAS.

=> If you are not registered yet, please click here. 

Before you start the process, please be sure to have the following documents at hand (as photo or pdf in your mobile): 

a) The prescription (Spanish names for this document: autorización, receta médica, prescripción médica, volante, documento único)

b) The medical report (Spanish: informe médico). This document is not always requested, but in case you need it, it is handy to have it prepared. 

=> Click here in order to download the step by step instructions for “How to ask for authorisation”.

Having the possibility to handle an authorisation request independently, gives you a lot of freedom as you can do it on your own whenever and wherever you need.

If nevertheless you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us, or Sanitas Client Service if help is requested out of our office hours.