How to register in MI SANITAS customer area

7 March 2023
How to register in MI SANITAS customer area

MI SANITAS is the virtual customer area of ​​the Sanitas health insurance. In MI SANITAS you will find for example:

  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Personal Terms and Conditions
  • Sanitas Doctors and Centers within the Sanitas Network
  • Digital membership card

In order to have access to this data, you have to register in the customer area. You can do this with your mobile phone (download the MI SANITAS app) and your PC, laptop or tablet.

Since the customer area only exists in Spanish so far, we have developed a document to help you with the registration.

How to register in MI SANITAS customer area - here is the step-by-step explanation for registration via PC (laptop or tablet):

  • MI SANITAS - click (top right)
  • Registrarme en MI SANITAS - click (left column, below, blue field)
  • nº de tarjeta o nº de póliza - enter your policy number or number on your membership card
  • Fecha de nacimiento - indicate your date of birth (day / month / year)
  • CIF / NIE / NIF / pasaporte - indicate the number of the document with which you took out the insurance
  • Contraseña: Choose a password. It must be min. 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, in total 8-15 characters
  • Email de contacto - enter your email address
  • Teléfono de contacto - enter your phone number (country code + number)
  • Acepto las condiciones legales - “I accept the terms and conditions” (please click)
  • Finalizar registro - “Complete registration” (please click)

Here you can download the document “How do I register in the Mi SANITAS customer area” with clear screenshots ››

Since this service is handled from the Sanitas headquarters, our possibility of helping you is very limited. We therefore advise you to contact the general customer service + 34 91 752 28 52.