Sanitas Más Salud Familias Plus

Sanitas Más Salud Familias Plus – Health Insurance for Expats in Spain

From 31,72€ per month, per person.

Sanitas Más Salud Familias Plus is a comprehensive healthcare policy of the highest quality providing access to the entire Sanitas medical network, covering all your needs in Spain. It offers special coverage for families and has easily affordable monthly premium due to co-payments.

What is covered?

  • Primary care – general medicine, paediatrics, emergency services . . .

  • Direct access to all specialisms – gynaecology, traumatology . . .

  • Diagnostic tests – blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans . . .

  • Therapeutic methods – rehabilitation sessions . . . 

  • Surgery – weather or not a hospital stay is required

  • Hospitalisation

  • Emergency in foreign countries (up to 12.000€)

  • Dental cover – check-ups, cleaning, extractions, x-rays

Special coverages within this SANITAS MÁS SALUD FAMILIAS PLUS:

  • 5 more sessions of logopaedics

  • 5 more sessions of psychology

  • 24 hour video-consultation for emergencies

  • Video-consultation for your personalised programes (e.g. personal trainer, nutritionist, smoking cessation, pelvic floor etc.)

  • Family assistance (e.g. support with domestic work, home delivery of medication etc.)