Sanitas Único

Health Insurance Sanitas Único for Expats in Spain

From 42,75€ pp/month

Sanitas Único is the Sanitas health insurance specially designed for people over 60 years. Receive the best care from our GP and specialist doctors, access to simple diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT scans and other specific services.

No age limit and no medical history will be requested.

What is covered?

  • General practitioner and direct access to specialists – without limits

  • Simple diagnostic tests – such as blood tests, x-rays, etc. 

  • Complex diagnostic tests – ultrasound, MRIs and CT scans

  • Simple therapeutic methods – physiotherapy, aerosol therapy, etc.

  • Basic dental cover – scale and polish, wound treatment and extractions

  • 24-hour emergency video consultation for GP and pediatric care without prior appointment

  • Video Consultation with specialist doctors

  • Blood test at home (2 per year per insured)

  • Medication delivery (3 times per year per insured)

  • Physiotherapy at home (5 times per year per insured)

  • Senior program – personalized support for your health


No. of services amount of co-payment
From 0 to 6 € 0
From 7 to 15 € 5
> 16 € 10
Diagnostic tests and therapeutic methods € 12
Podology € 3
Emergency services € 8
High frequency of use pack* € 20

Physiotherapy (10 sessions), ventilotherapy (15 sessions), oxygen therapy (30 days for BPAP and CPAP and 15 days for aerosol).

Video Consultation has the co-payment as an in-person consultation.