Total liberty of choice of doctor, hospital or centre: You can go to any specialist, even if he doesn’t belong to the medical chart of Sanitas, and get reimbursed your expenses. In Spain and worldwide.

Percentage Limit Cost
80% 50.000€ 21,00€ per person/month.
80% 100.000€ 23,00€ per person/month.
80% 150.000€ 25,00€ per person/month.
80% 200.000€ 28,00€ per person/month.
80% 300.000€ 33.00€ per person/month.

Age: 0 - 64 years
Contract: individual (does not need to be applied to other members of the policy).
Start: can be added when contracting the main insurance or at renewal
Waiting period: same as main insurance