bluaU Mente Sana

Health Insurance Sanitas blua in Spain – Body & Mind

The digital complement "bluaU Mente Sana" incorporates coverage focused at improving health through healthy management of emotions by understanding and taking care of the mind. 


  • Vital signs measurements

  • Health monitoring

  • Preventive digital programs

  • Immediate digital consultations


  • With GPs and specialists

  • Emergencies

  • Personalised programs (e.g. nutritionist, personal trainer, mindfulness …)

At home:

  • Medication delivery (6 times per year per insured)

  • Physiotherapy (12 sessions)


  • Psichology sessions (max. 10 sessions, 80% up to 500€ per year)

  • Family / couple therapy (70%, up to 300€)

  • Psichological test (70%, up to 300€)


    Age: No limits
    Contract: individual or flat rate for family
    Start: can be added when contracting the main insurance or at renewal
    Qualification periods: same as main insurance
    Price: 13€ per person / month
              26€ per month for all members insured in this policy