The insurance for your peace of mind

24 February 2022

We at Sanitas call it “the insurance for your peace of mind” instead of  “funeral insurance” like many others. 

Peace of mind, tranquility and security in the event of a death of a loved one, you can rely on Sanitas to provide an unrivalled service, which takes away all the bureaucratic complications and drama that you would be faced with.

 “It makes me cringe to talk about death” - this is the most common argument when we start talking about a funeral insurance.

Does the same happen to you?

Well… the truth is: this is the only insurance that we will all need (someday).

“I still feel very young” is the second most mentioned argument. Today we are not safe from anything. Not even the youngest. And if you also have children, it is one more reason to leave things solved.

"I put it in a piggy bank" What if you don't save long enough? At Sanitas we provide the service from the first moment - even if you have only paid one bill.

We would like to take away this “cringe", this negativity that revolves around funeral insurance.

Please take a moment and consider the above points…. then decide if you want to opt for a peace of mind solution (or not).  

If you have any questions or want to obtain a personalized quote - without commitment - contact us.