Do you want quit smoking ? Sanitas supports you

31 May 2021
Do you want quit smoking ? Sanitas supports you

May 31 = World No Tobacco Day

Quit smoking is not easy. Even when knowing the harmful effects of smoking, quitting the habit of smoking is a difficult goal for most people to achieve, but it is not impossible, everyone can achieve it. 

World No Tobacco Day can be a good opportunity to quit smoking. From Sanitas Estepona, we want to support you in this project with these 10 tips:

  • Set a starting date. You must completely stop smoking that day. If you wish, the days before you can reduce the consumption of cigarettes.
  • Communicate your decision to family and friends.
  • Get rid of cigarettes and ashtrays, and clean everything that smells of smoke: clothes, curtains, etc.
  • Remove cigarettes and ashtrays from the car, and put sugar-free gum in their place.
  • Identify the times when you feel the highest desire to smoke. It can be after a meal, while watching TV, when you drink coffee or alcohol, when you are stressed, etc. Come up with something else to do in those moments: drink tea instead of coffee, go for a walk after your meal, etc.
  • Changing your routines can help you quit smoking. Eat at different times or eat many small meals instead of three large ones. Sit in a different chair, or even in a different room.
  • Keep healthy snacks at hand: celery or carrot sticks, fresh fruits, whole grain crackers, etc. When you quit smoking, it is normal for you to feel anxious and want to put something in your mouth. Also try placing a straw or a cinnamon stick in your hand, pretending that it’s a cigarette. 
  • Look for support groups.
  • Get information about nicotine replacement products (gum, patches, etc.) 
  • There are also some medications that can be useful to quit cigarettes, consult your doctor.

And finally, do not be discouraged if you fail, it is normal. Most people will need at least two tries before quitting completely.

Sanitas is by your side. We support you throughout the process through our smoking cessation program via telephone and video consultation. Further information in your app MI SANITAS or calling +34 91 752 28 52 or +34 93 362 34 49.