Healthy Snacking with a Crunchy Granola Recipe

14 May 2021
Sanitas Estepona – Healthy Snacking

Rules for healthy snacking

Healthy snacking

Two snacks a day.
Make sure your snack break is reasonable; that is mid morning and mid afternoon. 

Drink water.
The soft drinks or alcoholic drinks which sometimes accompany appetizers only add empty calories and also tend to stimulate hunger. Instead, it’s best to drink water, which is also filling and helps with digestion. To prevent it from becoming monotonous, try unsweetened herbal teas. 

Don’t eat just anything.
To avoid eating baked goods, ultraprocessed products or fatty charcuterie, it’s a good idea to always have some healthy options available such as fresh fruit, semi-skimmed unsweetened yoghurt, nuts, fresh vegetables… 

Always have a snack on you.
People who spend hours outside their homes run a greater risk of satiating their hunger with processed products. However, there are more and more healthy options for an emergency: ready-cut fruit, unsweetened yoghurts, natural fruit and vegetable juices… 

Keep an eye on your portion sizes.
There are some appetizers which can work very well for keeping hunger at bay without causing weight gain, provided that you gauge the portion size properly. This is the case, for example, with nuts: they are very filling, but they are also full of calories. Specialists recommend eating an amount that fits in your fist and choosing raw unsalted varieties. 

Keep the calories in mind.
On the surface, it seems a highly unfeasible option, but it helps you to get used to choosing healthy foods which you can eat in larger portions (and which are therefore more filling) with a lower energy intake. For example, fruit, vegetables, yoghurts, etc. are low in calories and enable you to eat a larger amount without it affecting the scales. 


Tips on healthy snacks:

• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Nuts and seeds
• Yoghurt
• Hummus

Do you want to make your own crunchy muesli? Try this recipe!

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