Sanitas Health Insurance Health Plan

Health Insurance — Sanitas Health Plan

Sanitas Health Plan has been specially developed for European citizens living in Spain. You can choose from three different policies, Basic, Classic or Complete. Sanitas Health Plan provides you with access to Sanitas' exclusive network of English-speaking specialists. You can also receive customer support via telephone and documentation in English. Contact us to find out more about the things worth considering as a foreign citizen in Spain.

  • GPs
  • The most important specialists and analyses.
  • Emergency care when travelling abroad.

    In addition to Basic, it includes:

  • In-patient hospital care at any of Sanitas' large network of 1st class hospitals and clinics.
  • "Second opinion", consultation with the best international specialist doctors.

    Access to all doctors and hospitals in Spain and in one other EU country of your choice.

  • Medical and surgical in-patient hospital care throughout Sanitas' network.
  • Hospital care and specialist examinations, diagnostics, emergency home visits, therapies and day surgery.
  • Covers 100% of the cost of Sanitas hospitals/clinics and 90% of other hospitals/clinics.
  • Bupa International covers 100% of the cost in the other European country of your choice — within the limits set out in your insurance schedule.

  • Option of a “second opinion” from top-level doctors.
  • Emergency service when travelling abroad in partnership with Europ Assistance, max. €10,000 per person/event.
  • Insurance terms and conditions in English.
  • Sanitas 24 Hours — telephone service for 24-hour advice.
  • Sanitas Welcome — 24-hour customer service to answer any administrative questions you may have.
  • Sanitas Responde — free, personal health advice and support if you have a medical condition requiring regular check-ups.
  • online services where you can download analyses, test results and find out details of your nearby hospital or doctor.
Waiting times (from the date on which you signed the contract)
  • Outpatient surgery: 3 months
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cobolt therapy, radioactive isotopes, linear accelerators, scanner, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, bone density analysis, lithotripsy, digital arteriography, interventional neuroradiology and prostate hyperthermia: 10 months
  • High-technological diagnosis tests: 6 months
  • Childbirth and caesarean sections: 8 months
  • In-patient hospital care and surgical procedures: 10 months
  • Obesity surgery: 36 months.
Age limit
  • The policy can be taken out until your 64th birthday.
    Additional payment

    With Health Plan Basic and Classic you pay an additional sum for doctor's appointments.

  • Emergency home visit, €24
  • Sanitas 24 hours, €1
  • Hospital care, €24
  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, other care/nursing, €7.80
  • Intraocular monofocal lenses, €11.70

All other services, €12

  • 4% — yearly payment
  • 2% — 6 months' payment
  • 1% — 3 months' payment
You have the option to choose from the following additional cover:
  • Global payment — access to specialists and hospitals outside Sanitas' network with payment of healthcare costs. The policy can be adapted to your needs.
  • Sanitas subsidy — provides payment for every day the insured is in hospital.
  • Medication — provides 50% reimbursement of the total cost of medication prescribed for your treatment by a Sanitas doctor (up to €200 per person/year).
  • Optician's — reimbursement of 50% of the amount for contact lenses and prescription glasses up to a limit of €300 per insured person/year.
  • Accident — payment in the event of death or permanent disability as a result of an accident.
  • Traffic accident and accident at work — healthcare as a result of a traffic accident, accident at work or occupational illness.
  • Alternative medicine
  • Cover in the USA — provides you with access to the best clinics in the USA..