iplus Family Assistance
– Add maximum peace of mind for your family
to your insurance policy

The most complete funeral plan best suited to your family and to your budget, guaranteed by the experience of a specialist company: Santalucia.
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iplus Family Assistance – Insurance from Sanitas and Santalucia in Spain

    Funeral services planned for each policy holder on the basis of the customs and traditions of the locality.

  • Legal asistance in the event of death or invalidity.
  • Childcare service: for children under seven.
  • Psychological care.
  • National and international transfer: necessary arrangements and expenses in the event of death to transfer you from any place in the world and with assistance for your companions.

    For any unforseen event:
    Comprehensive legal protection for all your family, so you can all deal with legal matters.

  • For your travels
    With the guarantee of Travel Assistance, you and your family will feel as if you were at home.
    Hospital expenses and/or emergency treatment due to accident or illlness abroad.
    Expenses for companions.
    Administrative matters.
    Expenses originating from incidents with luggage and means of transport.
    Other cover.
  • For foreigners resident in Spain
    With this optional guarantee, if you are not Spanish and you live in Spain (for at least three months), in the event of death you have the possibility of being repatriated to your country of choice with one family member accompanying you.

    Guarantees which change according to the age of each insured person on your policy

  • From 0 to 17 years
    You can enjoy Assurance of care for the little ones which guarentees the wellbeing of your children
  • From 17 to 65 years
    Accident Guarantee:
    Financial compensation of € 12.000 in the event of death due to accident.
    Financial compensation of € 24.000 in the event of death in a traffic accident.
    Financial compensation in the event of invalidity due to an accident
  • Over 65 years
    Senior care which offers you peace of mind and the assurance of knowing that you are covered by the most comprehensive service:
    Comprehensive geriatric evaluation
    Home inspection, contact with repairers and cleaning services
    Other cover

The structure of the funeral plan detailed below relates to providing the services when death and burial occurs in the place indicated in this plan. The amount of the premium for the Funeral Insurance policy has been calculated on the valuation of the same.

Description of the Marbella service
• Coffin * Medical death certificare
• Hearse * All arrangements necessary to carry out the described services.
• Hygienic sheet
• Waiting room for mourners
• Funeral chapel NOTE: if family members of the insured deceased wish that he/she is cremated instead of buried as described previously, this will be carried out at no cost
• Catering
• Two wreaths and a centrepiece of natural flowers
• Relisious service
• Ecumenical room
• Mini stone slag for niche
• Temporary niche for 5 years
• Stone slab for niche with inscription

When the death of the policy holder occurs in a place different from where he/she lives or when, by express wish of family members of the deceased person, burial takes place in a different location from that of his/her residence, the above mentioned services will be adapted to the customs and traditions of the place of death and/or burial.

CREMATION: if family members of the deceased policy holder wish for a Cremation Service to take place instead of the Burial Service detailed above, this will be done at no cost whatsoever to them and by adapting the elements of the Plan so that it is carried out within the limits of the cover.