Dental Health Insurance

Health Insurance — Sanitas Dental

Healthy teeth boost your well-being and self-confidence. We all know that sometimes it's not enough just going to the dentist's when we've got a problem. Good oral health requires periodic check-ups and good preventative care.

  • The insurance includes more than 50 examinations/treatments, such as consultation, cleaning, diagnostic tests etc.
  • Discount of up to 40% on other treatments — based on the prices in Sanitas; network.
  • Access to our exclusive Millennium Dental Centers, equipped with the latest technology and all dental specialisms under one roof.
  • No waiting time, your dental insurance is valid from day one.
  • No charges for children under the age of 6, they are automatically included on their parents' insurance at no extra cost.
  • Emergency dental care help line, which you can call for emergency advice and information on your nearest dental clinic.
  • There is no age limit for Sanitas Dental.

    In addition to professional care and quality, the Millennium Dental Clinic gives you the benefit of an extended guarantee:

  • 10 years' guarantee on implants
  • 10 years' guarantee on orthodontics

    If you are already a policyholder, you pay a lower price.

  • For policyholders: €10.50 per month
  • Non-policyholders: €14.77 per month